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In the dynamic realm of Computer Science, the Events and Outreach team stood as pioneers, champions of innovation, and architects of community engagement. Their mission extended far beyond the confines of lecture halls and laboratories; it was about forging connections, inspiring curiosity, and democratizing access to technology. Beyond campus borders, the team ventured into local communities, schools, and youth organizations, carrying with them a message of empowerment and opportunity. Through interactive sessions, coding camps, and mentorship programs, they ignited a passion for technology in young minds, planting the seeds for future innovation and societal change.

About CSE IIT Indore

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was set up in July 2009. The department offers Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.), Master of Science (M. S.) by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programmes. From 2023 onwards, the department offer a Master of Technology (M. Tech.) programme. The department adopts a modern approach to teaching wherein students are rendered in adequate academic freedom to innovate and learn in the process. The state-of-the-art facilities including the latest software and advanced hardware are available in various laboratories for use in both teaching and research. This facilitates adequate implementation of major B.Tech., MS (Research) and Ph.D. projects and for verification and validation of research results.